Systems Engineering

Systems engineering is a core discipline at ReGen Systems and we encourage the use of the tools and techniques with our clients.

Systems engineering could help your business design and deliver better products and processes by enabling you to cope better with the inherent complexity of modern systems by taking a more holistic approach.

The return for this shift in thinking and practice is a better offering to your customers in terms of reliability, performance, feature integration and cost. The whole life-cycle approach will offer improved visibility and control over the life-cycle costs of manufacture, servicing and disposal, consequently reducing the life cost of the product and the cost of ownership for your customer.

ReGen Systems help clients achieve these objectives through the following:

·         Whole life-cycle requirements management
·         Development of architectural blueprints
·         Management of key risks between systems integrator and component vendors
·         Systems integration planning and execution
·         Modelling and simulation of systems
·         Test planning and analysis.